Acute Coronary Syndrome in senior man

Dr. Jesús Antonio Campuzano Chacon
Dr. Jesús Antonio Campuzano Chacon

Case presentation

It is 74 years old male patient. He was received at the emergency room complaining of chest pain.
History of acute myocardial infarction eight years ago.
Angina pectoris and heart failure secondary to myocardial infarction
Smoking longstanding currently suspended

He had an ischemic stroke without sequelae a time ago.
And unspecified treatment.
With a history of three days effort angina that does not improve with medication. Episodes of angina becoming longer and more often to come to rest, to start a night prior to admission with severe chest pain, no symptoms added, not giving up to rest or medication.
Vital signs: BP 90/60, HR: 95, Sat 98% without mask, CPK: 453 , CPK MB 91, TGO 108 DHL 616
ECGs attached: ECG-1 is the entrance and ECG 2 is 6 hours later
The patient was referred to the hemodynamics laboratory for Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA)

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