Asymptomatic elite athlete soccer player with doubtful heart disease

Dr. Andrés R. Pérez Riera
Dr. Andrés R. Pérez Riera

Case presentation

Young elite athlete, Caucasian, professional soccer player (defender), 23 years old, second degree in primary school complete. He was born in Blumenau, State of Santa Catarina, and lives in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil. He came to our Center of Health and Sports of the School of Medicine of ABC (FMABC) for the compulsory periodical evaluation. He states that he undergoes a regular training six times a week, of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes per day, of a competitive nature. Asymptomatic. He denies having allergies, prior surgeries, or vices. Negative family history, without sudden cardiac deaths in a young, first-degree relative.

Physical examination: flushed, eupneic, 74 Kg, 1.84 m of height, BP 130/80,HR 66 bpm, abdominal circumference 84 cm. Cardiovascular and pulmonary examination, and others, nothing worth mentioning.
The athlete brought a statement dated from December 2006, where it said that he had undergone cardiological examinations and had interrupted his training for 4 months due to the presence of night, asymptomatic, and prolonged sinus pauses (of up to 7 seconds) recorded in Holter.

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