Middle age type II diabetic woman with history of syncope of repetition by instable regular wide monomorphic sustained QRS complex tachycardia

Dr. Raimundo Barbosa Barros
Dr. Raimundo Barbosa Barros

Case presentation

43-year-old patient, female, admitted into the emergency room with symptoms of syncope preceded by tachycardic palpitations. She is diabetic, using metformin and amiodarone. In 2008 she was admitted into the hospital due to arrhythmia investigation. In 2011 she went to the Municipal Hospital with episode of syncope. For 5 years, she suffered occasional palpitations.


  1. Which is the ECG-1 diagnosis? (wide QRS complex tachycardia) and where is the QRS axis located?
  2. Which is the ECG-2 diagnosis?
  3. Which is the ECG/VCG diagnosis?
  4. Which is the possible clinical diagnosis?

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